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  • Cutting Depth
    12.5" below grade
  • Cutting Height
    35" above grade
  • Cutting Wheel
    19" diameter to tooth; 3/4" thick, 12 green teeth
  • Dimensions
    34" (86.4 cm) W x 78" (198.1 cm) L x 48" (121.9 cm) H
  • Engine
    Kawasaki 730V Twin Cylinder
  • Head Swing
    47" Arc
  • Hydraulic Flow
    13.5 gpm hydraulic flow to head
  • Weight
    1200 lbs. (545 kg)
Rental Rates
Daily: $250.00
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Track Design

• Allows for zero turn capability 
• Provides a low center of gravity and large footprint
• Increased stability on side hills
• Eliminates tire ruts and flat tires
• Operates in wet & soft ground conditions.
• Get to the most challenging stumps

Traction Controls

Easy-to-use control system offers smooth operation and fewer lever/nobs than conventional stump grinders. Two simple controls operate all traction and grinder functions.

1) Left/right traction control (forward, reverse, turn)
2) Sweep, lift/lower and engagement of grinder head.

Full Hydraulic Operation

• Eliminate the labor of tightening or replacing expensive poly-chain® belts or clutches
• No need to replace expensive cogged pulleys
• No worry of customers engaging grinder head at full throttle
• Eliminate shock loads to the engine by belts slipping or head stopping

Offset Cutting Head

• Provides operator with excellent visibility to stump
• Allows full rotation perpendicular to machine