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  • -Great for cleaning indoor air of various smells such as cigarette smoke, pet odors and burnt food.
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Destroy odors at the source with
the OZ Care System, an ozone generator designed to eliminate odors completely
by destroying them at the source.
Not a simple cover-up or ionizer,
the ozone generator destroys bacteria,
leaving pure fresh oxygen in its place.
Disaster recovery, flooding, hazardous
cleanup, they all come with a lingering
Bio-contaminants and bacteria can leave
a persistent odor long after the area looks clean. The ozone generator is excellent for removing odors caused by smoke damage, mold, mildew, and pets. The ozone generator can remove lingering smoke odor from a hotel
room in 30 minutes, changing a
smoking room to a non-smoking room
quickly with no complaints
from guest.

Time and power level controls
Effective for areas up to 40,000 cubic feet
2.65 grams/hr., 7.95 p.p.m.