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  • -Trouble Free Design
  • -Easily Adjustable Handle Bars
  • -Heavy-duty, versatile tines and attachments
  • -Balanced, Centered and Self Aligning
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Yard Marvel Tiller
For commercial, rental, and residential yard and garden care, nothing matches a Yard Marvel Tiller. We've carefully engineered and built this tiller for rugged, day-to-day use. Every component has been designed for long lasting service, ease of use and versatility.

Trouble-free Design
Yard Marvel offers comercial users, rental stores, landscapers and gardeners a worry-free and minimum maintenance tiller that can be kept in service much longer than other competing models. The normal tilling season can be extended by using a variety of tilling, edging, trenching and cutting attachments. The tiller and attachments are designed to dig in even the most difficult soil conditions.

Easy Adjusted Handlebars
A unique, patented feature of the Yard Marvel Tiller is the Back Saver Rear Hitch, which allows instant handlebar height adjustment from a standing position. No more bending or squatting -- just a fast and simple foot lever adjustment.

Balanced, Centered, and Self-Aligning
Yard Marvel Tillers are designed for better balance because the motor sits slightly back from the front end. The unique tine design with its points-forward digging action allows for easier handling.