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  • -You must see see video below, you wont believe how versatile this saw is!
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The K 3000 Electric Cut-n-Break is able to cut in stages through walls up to 16" thick. It is ideal for window and door openings, crack chasing, joint repair and much more.

A unique sliding guard can be positioned to flush cut and thelow water usage system along with a 12V, 15Amp electric motor offers maximum versatility for indoor and outdoor use.


A wet cutting system keeps water usage at a minimum to supply enough water to suppress dust but not cause excessive slurry. 

The Cut-n-Break method is a series of stages through which cutting up to16" is achieved. The first step is to make a cut up to 2-1/2” deep withfast cutting, twin 9" blades. The remaining central core is then easilybroken off using the accompanying breaking tool. Finally, successive cuts can be made to reach up to 16" deep.