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  • -The Heat Wave is safe, simple to operate and saves time at the job site.
  • -Heat Wave salamanders provide the climate control you need for interior jobs without wasting time refueling, the need for dangerous fuel storage or the threat of poisoning from combustion by-products.
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Safe Indoor Heating

Operation is simple. The Heat Wave's 800 CFM fan pushes ambient air over multiple heat coils, recirculating air within the room until it reaches the temperature level set with the units' thermostat.

Unlike fuel-fired heaters, a Heat-Wave can be left unattended. The built-in safety features include a variable thermostat and a hi-temperature cut out switch with an auto-reset. A "fan-only" switch and pivoting drum direct heat or air movement where needed. Since the Heat Wave is powered by electricity, it is also very quiet and virtually maintenance free.

To heat and insulated 2000 sq ft (40' x 50') pole building with a 12 ft ceiling - use two 15 KW heaters to provide a 60° temperature rise. An insulated 1800 sq ft ranch home, located in a cold climate, would require one 15 KW heater for a 60° temperature rise. Uninsulated, the same home would achieve a temperature rise of 40°.