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  • -Flail Blades
  • -25.5" Cutting width
  • -Honda Commercial Engine
  • -Steering Brake
  • -6" Wide Independent Tracks
  • -Parking brake
  • -2" to 3.7" Variable Cutting Height
  • -3 Forwards 1 reverse
  • -75"L x 31"W x 44"H
  • -430 lbs.
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Orec's AHRC662 Cyclone Flail Mower does the brush clearing and mulching for you! As a walk behind flail brush mower, it can take down tall grass, weeds, brambles and even small saplings. Add to that the thirty eight blades that chew up and mulch the brush and you have an all-in-one brush mower and mulching machine. It's easy to use, too, with a stress-free clutch turning system and easy to use blade height adjustment.

Unlike a rotary or sickle bar mower, the flail mower's blades will mulch almost anything, returning the nutrients to the soil. This makes it much easier to cut the next time!

The 6" wide tracks and brake steering give the Cyclone the stability and control to handle slopes, wet and uneven ground. It's an all-terrain brush mower!

With a rock solid transmission, reinforced deck and steel reinforced tracks, the cyclone can take stand up to all kinds of brush.

The Cyclone can cut most anything and go most anywhere. You'll have fun using it too. There's no other brush mower like it out there!