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  • -An excellent, easy to use and easy to transport lift which can carry up to 650 lbs.!
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The Genie SuperliftTM Contractor is a strong, lightweight and portable tool that lifts up to 650 lbs.
This machine is available in models lifting to 12, 18 or 24 feet.
It's an ideal tool for construction firms and every kind of contractor.
Load Handling Attachments and Accessories


Standard Forks

Excellent for general purpose lifting applications.
Invertible: Forks may be inverted to add an additional 20 inches of lifting height, without tools.

The Genie Superlift TM Contractor will transport, lift, install and service:
Ducts, Metal and Fiberboard - Unit Heaters - Construction Framework - Roll-up Doors - Transformers - AC and Refrigeration Equipment - Overhead Piping and Fire Protection Systems - Rigid Insulation - Heavy Electrical Fixtures - Pipe Up to 30 Inches in Diameter - Awning Installation

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