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Use This For That: The Lifts at Aspen Rent-All

Posted 1/30/2015 by Aspen Rent-All.
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We have a robust inventory of rental equipment at Aspen Rent-All. Every job requires a tool and we have the perfect tool for every job. From carpet cleaners and concrete polishers to generators and laddersand every piece of rental equipment in between—Aspen Rent-All is the Roaring Fork Valley’s best equipment rental business.

Boom Lift RentalThis is the first post in an ongoing series that we’re excited to launch in which we’ll highlight a handful of uses, applications, projects, and tasks that specific equipment can be used for. Appropriately, in the first post of our “Use This For That” series, we are focusing on one of our most fun (and most popular) pieces: Lifting Equipment!

With more than a dozen different types of lifting equipment to choose from, Aspen Rent-All has the perfect tool for your hard-to-reach areas and elevated projects.

The 45-foot articulated boom lift is mostly used in professional projects like construction sites. Great for accessing hard-to-reach areas at tall heights because of its sections that can pivot individually, the 45-foot articulated boom lift is perfect for tight buildings with high ceilings.

Sometimes projects are a one-man task, and sometimes one-man jobs need to reach certain heights. Enter the one person 30-foot mast lift. This is the ideal piece of equipment to change lightbulbs, dust cobwebs in tall areas of your home, string lights, and change the batteries in smoke detectors. No need to cash in a favor with your buddies to do these simple tasks, the one person 30-foot mast lift means you do not have to ask your friends to come over to “hold the ladder.”

Drywall Hoist rentalHanging drywall is a difficult to hard task (according to Aspen Rent-All’s very unscientific and totally arbitrary project rating scale). And, one of the aspects of a drywall project that makes it hard is getting the heavy and awkward material to tall spots on the wall. Guess what? We have the tool for that job. Our drywall hoist means you can attack this project alone and hang drywall up to 11 feet in the air!

To see all of our lifting equipment, visit:

And, we’re always available to answer specific questions you have. Please don’t hesitate to call us directly at the Aspen Rent-All office—970-925-3285!


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