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How To Maintain The Perfect Lawn All Year-Round

Posted 7/30/2012 by Aspen Rent-All.
Filed under: How To's | Landscaping Advice

Maintaining a lawn is hard work and an all year-round job. It requires experience and talent and along the way, there is undoubtedly a huge amount of trail and error. We decided to share with you some seasonal tips that well help you achieve that perfect lawn. Let’s start with spring:


How to maintain the perfect lawn all year-roundThe secret is in the soil

Begin spring with a pH test. Your grass will grow best in pH neutral soil, which is approximately 6.5 on the pH scale. If your soil is not pH neutral and holding the appropriate amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium salts, you are going to be wasting money on fertilizers and other products trying to amend a problem that could have been avoided with soil preparation. A soil test kit comes in at around $10 and some nurseries even test your soil for free.

Water Smart

Under normal conditions, your lawn will require about an inch of water per week, but as temperatures increase, your lawn becomes increasingly stressed and you are going to need to compensate for extra evaporation. Just how much you will need to augment your watering routine will depend on where you are located geographically.

You will need to make sure you are watering an inch of water. There are lots of tools you can use to eliminate the guess work, but many avid gardeners still prefer the classic approach to water measurement, such as the cup rain collector.

Beat the Bug

It is a smart idea to avoid the insecticides that target a broad range of bugs and instead purchase a granular pest control that is designed to target the bugs specific to your region. This will see you using the least amount of chemicals and as a result, having the healthiest lawn possible.

Don’t Mow too Low

A common rule is that your lawn’s height should rise with the temperature. Taller grass will shade the ground below, reducing root stress as well as having more tissue mass to hold water and produce chlorophyll. Shorter grass is an open invitation for weeds that rely on light to propagate and infest.


Eject the Leaves

How to maintain the perfect lawn all year-roundLeaves are a major enemy to your lawn in autumn. They block valuable sunlight that is essential for root growth and photosynthesis. You want your grass to enter the winter season in the best possible health. A lawn weakened by autumn will have a diminished chance of survival. Prepare for winter by using winterizer. Winterizer is available from most nurseries and will give the roots stability, resist against disease and see you coming back strong when winter ends.


Early fall is the perfect time to reseed. Turfgrass seed is the best type of seed to use, as there are many specific regional types. This seed is expensive, but it is also very strong. Paying a few dollars more for this quality seed will bring you fantastic results. Remember to keep your seeds moist; because once they dry out, they dry out forever.



How to maintain the perfect lawn all year-roundWinter is a great time to prepare your tools for the next year. Remove all grass clippings and dirt from your machines and clean to a high shine.

It is also a smart idea to remove the air filter and spark plugs on your two-stroke and four-cycle machines. Replace your engine oil and if possible, sharpen your mower blades. Finally, install new spark plugs in your blower, trimmer and mower and rest up in preparation for next year’s challenges.

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