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Aspen Rent-All Honored with President’s Image Award by Rental Management Magazine

Posted 10/4/2013 by Aspen Rent-All.
Filed under: Aspen News

We have worked hard over 40-plus years to carve a niche in the rental world. And, Rental Management Magazine—“ the award-winning monthly magazine dedicated to the success of your equipment rental business”—has taken note!

Every year, Rental Management Magazine doles out a President’s Image Award to a business facility or store to commemorate “a commitment to improving the rental industry image through a remodeling, rebuilding or renovation project.” These awards were presented at the Regional Receptions on Monday, Feb. 11, at?The Rental Show in Las Vegas.

Seven businesses from seven different regions were bestowed the award this year, and Aspen Rent-All took home the honor for Region 7.

Here’s an excerpt from what Rental Management Magazine had to say about Aspen Rent-All:

“[We] had a showroom that had cinder block walls, exposed cables, peg board, concrete floors and more stuff crammed into it than a closet filled with old junk,” says Beth Hoff Blackmer, owner of Aspen Rent-All.

In 2009, Blackmer decided it was time to remodel the showroom. “We had the entire room taken apart. This was no easy task since we did this all during working hours in the summer,” she says. “A new wall was put in to hide the wires, another was taken out to make more space, and sheetrock was put on all walls with fresh paint and slot wall. We put down carpet tiles and designed new counters. Now, we have two counters rather than one long one, so it is more open. This allows the staff members to come from behind the counters, shake hands and show people to the area to get the equipment. We replaced the fluorescent lights with modern fixtures. We decided to make a statement wall and painted the back wall bright red with our name and logo on it. We also have a television there for viewing videos.”

Blackmer says the renovation has spurred new business. “We now have room to display new equipment, provide information about equipment that we can send with people and have increased our retail sales by 50 percent after doing this remodel,” she says.

To read the entire story by Rental Management Magazine, CLICK HERE.

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