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Advice From Aspen Rent-All: 5 Ways to Winterize

Posted 10/31/2013 by Aspen Rent-All.
Filed under: Gardening | How To's | Landscaping Advice

Winter is barreling down on Aspen quickly. Temps are dropping and snow is falling sporadically. Soon, autumn will roll into winter, and we will be bringing ski boots out from the back of the closet. There is still a bit of time before the official beginning to winter kicks off, though. For home owners, there is work to be done during this transition from fall to winter. People are always asking the Aspen Rent-All team for advice as to what’s most important when prepping your property for winter. So, here is a list of five ways to winterize:

1.) Aerate

Odds are the snow that just fell is going to melt off before the full-blown beginning of winter. This melt might be your last opportunity to see your lawn before spring, and the last chance you have to aerate, a must-do before winter. Why? Aerating prepares the lawn to be dormant during the winter months. Punching small holes into your lawn allows air to circulate down, enables the roots to breath. Allowing the moisture and air to get in will promote growth during the springtime.

Our Rear Tine Aerator is the perfect tool for this fall-time job!

2.) “Swab the decks”

Every home owner’s deck gets dirty during the autumn thanks to the falling yellow leaves and gusting winds of that come every year. Pressure washing your decks is the best way to get everything cleaned off right before winter comes in.

We have a few pressure washers on-hand that will make this chore easy (and actually pretty enjoyable)!

3.) Get Rid of the Leaves

By now, the winds and yellow leaves have combined to blow everywhere—caking the driveway, clogging the gutters, and covering everything else.

One quick session with our back-pack leaf blower will help you get rid of the last remnants of fall before the leafs are covered by feet of snow.

4.) Clean the Carpets

We’ve been tracking fall’s mud, dirt, dust, and leaves all over the place for a few months by now. And, while spring cleaning has become a mainstay, we think that a good fall-cleaning should not be ignored. Clean the carpets from all the outdoor fall-time grime.

Aspen Rent-All’s carpet cleaners will get the job done!

5.) Vacuum the Garage

We all have had the garage doors open during the summer and falls months while working. And, the while the fresh air has been a great addition to the garage, the leaves and dirt that has blown in gets grimey. Vacuum your garage to get rid of everything that has blown in from the outside.

And Aspen Rent-All shop vac is the perfect product for the job!

For more information about Aspen Rent-All’s products that will help you winterize, visit:

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