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5 Creative Home Projects (from Pinterest)

Posted 10/1/2014 by Aspen Rent-All.
Filed under: Design Ideas

Creative Home ProjectsWhen it comes to home projects, we are always on the lookout for inspiration and motivation. We have wealth of equipment on-hand that is just begging to be put to use, but sometimes the hardest part for us is brainstorming creative, unique, and fairly easy projects to commit to. However, Pinterest has changed everything! The social media platform is a constant source of visually compelling inspiration. From books to read, films to watch, styles to pair, crafts to do, and projects to try, Pinterest is our newest and most favorite source for ideas.

Recently, we devoted a bit of time to scouring Pinterest in search of creative (and easy) home projects, and we found a ton of ideas! With an entire yard full of the equipment needed to make these ideas come to life, Aspen RentAll is the perfect partner to make your projects happen. Here are our five favorite creative home projects from Pinterest…

Build a Backyard Firepit

1. Backyard Firepit
Picture this: A pitcher of homemade margaritas, a semicircle of Adirondack chairs, a crackling fire, and your friends and family… Sound good? You can make it happen! Building a backyard firepit is not as daunting a project as you might think. Thanks to the DIY Network, we now know how to tackle this creative project!

2. Hide the Trash Bins
Who knew there was an entire Pinterest board devoted to hiding your trash bins? We stumbled across this creative project idea and think it’s a great way to cover up one of our lifelong pet peeves—overflowing trash cans visible from the street! From hiding places and refurbished pallets to lattice screens and artsy storage sheds, this board is a terrific go-to.

Pergola IdeasThat’s a Pergola

3. Build a Pergola
If you know what a pergola is you are further along than we were a bit ago. But now, we’re huge fans of pergolas. The perfect way to add some character to your home, these arbors (we knew that term) are a great way to spice up your garden or accentuate your garage. Check out this Pinterest board devoted to creative “Pergola Ideas.”

4. Vertical Gardening
We went on the hunt for interesting and unique ways to make the most of tight quarters and limited real estate. Thanks to Pinterest, we found vertical gardening. Gardening is still an option for those of us who don’t have sprawling yards to tend, rolling lawns to manicure, and rows of produce to garden. The answer? Go vertical. Check out this “Vertical Gardening” board for creative inspiration.

5. Create a Walkway
There are tons of boards and pins devoted to DIY walkways, and we love taking this idea “in-house” and doing it on your own! Lay stone, etch a pathway, draw curves, or carve lines… Making a walkway is a great way to create flow to your yard. Here’s a great place to start in your walkway search.




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