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4 Types of Protective Systems For Trenching and Excavation

Posted 7/17/2015 by Aspen Rent-All.
Filed under: Construction Tips

You know that trenching and excavation projects are some of the most dangerous construction operations. But, do you know the four types of protective systems for trenching and excavation projects that make the hazardous task safe?

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The four types of protective systems for trenching and excavation are:

  1. Benching
  2. Sloping
  3. Shoring
  4. Shielding
Read below for more information on each protective measure…

Benching Excavation Safety

Benching means a method of protecting workers from cave-ins by excavating the sides of an excavation to form one or a series of horizontal levels or steps, usually with vertical or near vertical surfaces between levels. Benching cannot be done inType C soil.

Sloping Trench Method

Sloping involves cutting back the trench wall at an angle inclined away from the excavation.

Shoring Trench Method

Shoring requires installing aluminum hydraulic or other types of supports to prevent soil movement and cave-ins.

Shielding Trench Safety

Shielding protects workers by using trench boxes or other types of supports to prevent soil cave-ins. Designing a protective system can be complex because you must consider many factors: soil classification, depth of cut, water content of soil, changes caused by weather or climate, surcharge loads (e.g., spoil, other materials to be used in the trench) and other operations in the vicinity.

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For more information about each protective system and for a comprehensive guide to excavation safety, CLICK HERE.

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