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4 Easy Spring DIY Landscaping Jobs If You Have A Deck

Posted 2/28/2015 by Aspen Rent-All.
Filed under: Design Ideas | Gardening | Landscaping Advice

The snow’s about to melt, the tulips will soon be blooming, and it’s time to start planning your springtime landscaping projects. Aspen Rent-All specializes in making DIY jobs easy and our equipment will make your projects look pro. We’re all about champagne landscaping on a beer budget!

Deck Landscaping

Here are four spring DIY landscaping jobs you should consider undertaking if you own a deck. These won’t take long and they’re affordable. These projects will enhance your home’s curb appeal and value. And, most importantly, these projects are easy and fun! 

  1. Have a deck? Focus on your plants! Greenery, plants, flowers, and shrubbery will soften the angular and geometric lines of your deck; without them a deck will look awkward and out of place. A few easy and smart landscaping projects will give your outdoor living space and deck an incredible makeover. Plant daises for their white hue which is a beautiful contrast compared to a dark-stained deck. Also, daises are very dependable and resilient; so, they’ll withstand that unseasonable freeze that inevitably happens in mountain towns like Aspen and Basalt, Colorado. 
  2. Green and white combos—like Limelight hydrangeas with variegated Cabaret grass—will give your garden a natural look that compliments your stained deck, too. Dark foliage will give your garden bed a great contrast between blooming flowers, blowing grasses, and wooden decks.
  3. Cedar Edging

    Give your garden a polished look by adding cedar edging around the garden. This project is a nice finishing touch to your deck-garden combo because cedar edging separates your manicured lawn from your garden bed. It also allows for what landscapers refer to as “scampering room,” giving your plants and flowers room to grow and be natural. You can buy two-foot-long sections of cedar, sink them to attached metal rods in the ground, and give your garden an organized feel.

  4. Weathered terra cotta are a sure-fire way to add modest amounts of color to your deck and garden bed. The aged look of these pots looks stunning juxtaposed next to bright flowers. All you need to recreate this looks is sandpaper, water, and paint; plus a few terra-cotta pots!

Terra Cotta Pots

A new or recently renovated deck promises endless opportunities to enhance your home’s curb appeal. A landscape makeover, a few easy projects, and a creative approach will give your outdoor living space a refreshing atmosphere and you’ll be the envy of your neighbors! 

If you’re in need of ideas or hoping to learn more about equipment that makes these jobs easy, please don’t hesitate to contact Aspen Rent-All!

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