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Lavina Concrete Polisher Rentals at Aspen RentAll

Posted 6/23/2015 by Aspen Rent-All
From commercial spaces like art galleries and offices to residential floors in your own home, polished concrete is a look and style with a ton of advantages. Durable, easy to maintain, cost effective, slip resistant, and aesthetically beautiful ...

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John Deere Announces A New Diesel-Electric Hybrid Front Loader

Posted 2/13/2013 by Aspen Rent-All
John Deere has released onto the market a diesel-electric hybrid front loader for value-driven customers who are looking to minimize owning and operating costs. According to Andrew Kahler, engine and driveline product marketing manager, “The 644K ...

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Concrete Polishing | The Essential Techniques, Tips, and Information

Posted 1/31/2013 by Aspen Rent-All
What is Polished Concrete? Innovate and economic, polished concrete is one of the smartest flooring options available on the market today. Polished concrete is a mechanical process that utilizes industrial diamonds, hardeners, and sealers ...

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The JD50D Excavator: The Small Yet Mighty Machine!

Posted 1/24/2013 by Aspen Rent-All
The JD50D is a compact and versatile machine that specializes in close-quarters work. The Interim Tier 4 diesel engine is both fuel efficient and quiet- making it perfect for work in populated areas where noise pollution is an issue. The JD50D ...

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The JD 320 Skid Steer: A Versatile Beast!

Posted 12/21/2012 by Aspen Rent-All
The JD 320 Skid Steer is one of the most versatile pieces of hardware that we rent. Before you rent, it is important to know the specs of your machine. With that in mind, we have put together all the specifications and features of the JD 320 Skid ...

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